lube it up waterbased lubrication

This lube was an okay lube.  The only problem that I had with it was sometimes it was too much. It works well, but does not do anything for your partner.  My partner said it did nothing for him and was discouraged by this fact.  He knew that I liked it, but wished it did something for him.  Also, once you use it, the bottle gets slippery and hard to use after a while.  The downfall with this is, you do not know where to store it because you do not want to get it on anything else.  Me and my partner made the mistake to put it in one of our clothes drawers and it got all over our clothes, but luckily it came out of our clothes.

The taste of it was not bad, it is not like other lubes that taste completely horrible.  The taste for this is an acquired taste, but you get used to it after a while. I can tell you now that the lube will be a mess to clean up because sometimes it does not come out of your sheets or anything. For the cleaning afterwards, I have to take a shower after I use it every time, which is not fun.  To clean it off, you have to use lots of soap or else it will not come off. Also, another downfall to this lube is that it makes your cum sporadic  even if you do not think you are about to cum.

The lube with all that being said has good and bad things about it. I would only recommend it if you absolutely need lube.  Do not use this lube if you just want a more arousal and just think it would be fun.  From my experience, me and my partner used it just to have fun and it was a mess.


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